Warby Parker Review

10:48 AM

Hey dudes!!! So I'm in need of some new glasses, and I need your help.

I've definitely heard of Warby Parker before but I've never actually bought a pair of glasses from them so I decided to see what all this hype is about and try it for myself and I LOVED IT!!!!

First of all, much like many online optical store thingys, Warby Parker let's you select 5 pairs of glasses to try-on at home which is my FAVORITE THING EVER!!!! As I've said before, I'm very introverted, so anyway I can avoid human contact I'm gonna take it! The home-try on allows you to wear them around for a few days and test them out on your own. Also, there's no pressure from those people at the eye doctor who try to tell you that you look good in every pair. Listen, I'm not stupid. I know I have a giant potato head so there's no way every single one of these glasses look good on me.

Second, their glasses are CHEAP Y'ALL! I'm not about to break my bank for my 50th pair of glasses, so this is a big bonus. For those of you who actually wear glasses, you'll understand the pain. They're typically a couple hundred dollars for a pair and then you have to end up buying new ones a few years later because your vision keeps changing! Not cool eyes..... not cool. However, at Warby Parker, their glasses typically start at around $95 which is INSANE!!!!! If you have super horrible vision (like me) then you'll probably have to add about $30 for them to work their magic so your lenses aren't as thick as an encyclopedia. But even with that added on, it's still a whole lot cheaper than buying from my eye doctor.

Lastly, if you purchase from Warby Parker then you can help someone else as well. WARBY PARKER HELPS YOU BE A GOOD PERSON!!!! Every time you purchase a pair of glasses, they give a pair to someone who is in need through their nonprofit partners which is AWESOME!!!!

All in all, I would definitely recommend using Warby Parker next time you're in need of a new pair of glasses. From now on, they're my go-to!

P.S. I made a video all about it over on my YouTube channel so if you'd like to check it out just watch it down below! And don't forget to leave a comment telling me which pair you liked the most.

P.P.S. I would also like to say that I'm not sponsored by Warby Parker, I just really really love their stuff!

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