Finally Fall

6:33 PM

Fall is here!! Okay, so technically it's been fall for over a month now, but it's only recently hit the south. This week was one of the first to actually feel like fall. It has been windy, rainy, and a bit dreary in the best way possible. Fall is one of my absolute FAVORITE seasons. In all honestly, my favorite season seems to change nearly every month, but for now I am enjoying the crisp and cozy weather. Fall is a time for flannel shirts, fuzzy socks and chunky scarves and I am not ashamed to say I am wearing all three at this very moment. Told you, soaking it up every chance I get. In the south, or at least where I live, seasons seems to be rather unpredictable. One second you're in shorts a tank top and the next you're wearing the biggest coat you can find, which is exactly why I have decided to utilize what little time I have before I begin blasting the AC again.
This morning I was free of classes so I decided to enjoy the weather in all of its glory. I started by wandering through the streets splashing in every possible puddle I could find. Sure, I did get a few disapproving glances, but it was well worth it. In Charleston, it not only rains, it FLOODS! Though today wasn't nearly as record breaking as previously this month, the rain did manage to create puddles large enough for a small baby to bath in. It was always bit of a game with me and my little sister, the goal: to finish absolutely drenched. (I think I might have won this round.)

Autumn is also the season of leaves!! Now that I type that it does sound rather lame, but just think about it, the way the leaves all change colors, the sound of crunchy leaves under rain boots, leaves scented candles. (never quite enjoyed that scent but I still appreciate its presences) Come on guys... LEAVES, that's where the real fall hype should be at, not these Pumpkin Spice Lattes. You can rake up a big ol' pile of leaves and have entertainment for hours, you try jumping into that $5 latte and tell me how fun it is.

Also, fall has Halloween which happens to be this coming weekend! Not only is it my older sister's birthday, but it seems to be the holiday the Setzer's do best. Each year, our neighborhood would have a massive party with Halloween music (how they found that many songs about a ghost and mummies is beyond me), trunk or treating and costume contests and, though I've never won one myself, my father was always a crowd favorite with his elaborate characters and masks. There's just something about Halloween that makes me feel right at home though I may not physically be there. (but that may be due to the fact that I am drawn to any sort of holiday EVER) And pumpkin carving!!! Pumpkin carving is the stinking MVP of Halloween. Why don't people carve things for every holiday? Imagine, getting to hollow out a giant chunk of chocolate and carving out a cute little face for Valentines Day.

Another one of my absolute favorite things to do around this time of year is lounge around in my comfiest PJs (complete with teddy bear slippers), sipping hot cocoa while watching whatever I've been binge watching on Netflix. (which is currently NOTHING so pretty pretty please leave some suggestions) And yes, today I have done all of that, aside from the whole Netflix thing. (trying to break a bad habit, so maybe don't leave suggestions) (who am I kidding, go ahead and leave them, I deserve this!) I've never really been one for sodas or sugary juices so fall/ winter is THE GREATEST time for beverages for me. You've got your chai tea, your pumpkin chai tea, your apple cider, and about 80 different flavors of hot cocoa. (would highly recommend gingerbread even though Christmas is what feels like a millennium away) 

Also, can we just briefly talk about how excited I am for No Shave November. This month is either filled with pre-pubescant boys with the slightest bit of peach fuzz by day 30 or GORGEOUS men wafting around sporting primal beardage. (there's also the Gandolf option, but we won't talk about that) And also, this gives girls a PERFECTLY viable excuse for having completely wooly legs throughout the month. 

That's it, I should probably just stop right there before I write an entire novel on why Fall is the greatest. But anyways, the moral of this story is to break out your cozy sweatshirts and prepare your stomachs for buckets of candy.... because it's fall!

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  1. This post makes me miss the Autumn and Winter months so much!

  2. Autumn is the best! I just love everything about it :)
    -Morgs x