50 Things To Be Happy About

9:53 PM

Have you been feeling a bit down lately? Feeling a little gloomy? Well here's 50 things that never cease to cheer me up!
1. breakfast for dinner
2. making blanket forts in hotel rooms
3. s'mores (obviously)
4. interpretive dancing when no one is watching
5. staying in your PJs all day long
6. gooey cookies with MASSIVE chocolate chunks
7. classic Disney movies
8. and new Disney movies
9. really ANYTHING to do with Disney
10. drinking hot tea from a punny mug  
11. infectious smiles & giggles
12. water balloon fights
13. The Office, Parks & Recreation, & How I Met Your Mother
14. turtles that actually come out of their shells
15. getting packages
16. apple orchards
17. heal clicks 
18. skipping as a form of transportation
19. tacky Christmas sweaters
20. didgeridoos (or even just saying the word didgeridoo)
21. 90's sitcoms
22. long bike rides with no destination
23. big, tough men with teeny, tinny kittens
24. eating dessert first
25. dogs dressed as Star Wars characters
26. post-it notes
27. strawberry picking
28. limited addition chocolate covered Ritz crackers (if you haven't tried these yet, you haven't yet experienced the greatness of life. During the holidays, these are as equally important as oxygen)
29. going to bed knowing you can sleep in as late as you'd like
30. unlikely friendships (you know, like an elephant that's friends with a duck or a lion that's befriended a turtle)
31. coconut cupcakes
32. Christmas lights
33. or really ANYTHING to do with Christmas
34. puns
35. the smells of new books
36. receiving hand written letters
37. road trips
38. a tall glass of iced tea on a hot day (why yes, I am from the south)
39. picnics
40. the way little, tiny dogs walk
41. jumping in rain puddles
42. waffles and ice cream (separate they're good, together they're the meaning of life)
43. playing with slinkies on the stairs
44. running through sprinklers
45. flea markets
46. watching sunrises & sunsets
47. freshly washed sheets 
48. farmer's markets
49. jumping on hotel beds
50. the face babies make when they've just tasted a lemon for the first time

Comment down below and tell me what it is that makes you happy! 

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